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The Lion Habitat Ranch is a 501c3 non-profit that is home to nearly 20 adult lions. Keith and Beverly Evans have operated the Ranch, which offers visitors the unique opportunity to stand just a few feet away from these rare lions. One thrill is seeing staff members inside the lions’ homes, feeding and petting the lions. Another thrill is when one lion begins to roar, others join in and visitors are surrounded by the sounds of these majestic lions.

The Ranch also has several rare birds, a family of Ostriches and perhaps its most famous resident, a wonderful giraffe named Ozzie. Ozzie is a prolific painter and his original paintings are among the most popular attractions at the Ranch.

Our website design echoes Africa and exploration. Custom designed banners are reminiscent of travel and safari postcards. For many visitors, particularly the many school classes who visit, this is their only chance to see and stand so close to these beautiful animals.

Technically, the site has an integration with the Ranch’s ticketing system. It also has a full eCommerce store and is integrated with Paypal for donations.

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