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(Please note, Instyle is now closed)

Our friends at InStyle Flooring and Designs are veterans of thousands of home remodeling projects.  They are amazing at redesigning kitchens, bathrooms, upgrading flooring, creating attractive fireplaces or patio flooring.

The site has several large sections, Services and Products.  Services contains pages that are perfect for advertising landing pages and are also optimized to rank in search engines.  The Products section shares information on many of the company’s products.

InStyle is always helping people find inspiration, so in the Inspiration section of the website, we’ve integrated Pinterest Boards.  The staff can update the pictures that appear there by updating boards on Pinterest, which is easy and takes no time at all.

We hope you will check out InStyle Designs and Flooring.  We’ve included some of the social posts we created for them as well.

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