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Hunter Marketing partners with non-profit companies, offering decades of advertising experience that develops content and functionality to inspire the mass engagement needed to captivate audiences and capture their attention, hearts, and funds needed to successfully operate. Achieving this mission means that we must increase paid sponsorships, promote events and demonstrate successes closely aligned to each of the non-profits we support missions. Critical to this objective is inspirational content and functionality that makes finding your non-profit through search simple, absorbing the vast complexity of your mission effortless, and getting involved clear and smooth.

Our team is able to complete each of these efforts with website feature integrations and development. In part this is accomplished by combining a fully functional calendar on your site you will be able to create event content, tickets, checkout, and subscriptions all in one easy-to-manage place. It is incorporated in a variety of features designed and focused on capitalizing on successes while simultaneously appealing to sponsors.

In short, a customized strategy aimed at achieving your goals within your budget is the foundation of ensuring smooth operations and attracting those funds imperative to accomplishing your goals. As a comprehensive marketing firm we offer the online and offline advertising services that compliment one another. Where many marketing companies offering services to non-profits fail is where we shine. Your campaign will include memorable images, a high-ranking website, branded social media posts and optionally paid marketing programs.

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The Non-Profit Marketing Partner

Non-profits face the similar challenges everywhere. These include building brand advocacy, appealing to individual sense of compassion and increasing contributions and sponsorships.

Building Advocacy
It’s one thing to attract attention, it’s a whole different level to attract advocates to your cause that will in turn build awareness and become fierce advocates for your non-profit’s mission. The urgency behind your mission needs to be clear and compelling to generate action.

Appealing to Compassion
Individuals donate their time and money to non-profits that appeal to their individual sense of compassion. The better we explain the problems you address, the more people will respond to your calls to action. Effective messaging is needed to pull at those strings of emotion and tap into a deep sense of duty and responsibility. We can help you develop the right messaging that will generate actions.

Increasing Contributions
Donations are at the core of non-profit revenues. By increasing the amount of individual and corporate donations as well as the frequency of donations, revenues will increase. Let us help you increase your contributions and revenues.

Marketing Services for Non-Profits

Hunter Marketing recognizes that saturation in the market makes standing out from the crowd and differentiating your non-profit and mission a challenge. We help non-profits overcome this by developing effective strategies and custom-tailoring them to your unique mission. By identifying your target donors and sponsors and creating ways to reach them and convert them into brand advocates we accelerate your success and growth.

The services most commonly used by our Non-Profit clients include: Web Design, Chat Services, Educational Content, Email Newsletters, Case Study Content, Video Production, Search Engine Optimization, Event & Calendar Integration, and Reputation Management. Our non-profit websites include several features including:

  • Events Management and Promotion – We list your events directly on your website.
  • Sponsorship Recognition – We create social media-like profiles for each sponsor that gives them significant recognition for their support.
  • eCommerce & Subscriptions – We are eCommerce experts and offer the ability to sell sponsorships, take one time and recurring donations directly on our sites.

Step 1: Find Your Target Audience

We work with you to identify the best sponsors and donors. Specifically identifying your ideal audience, their needs and their goals will help us tailor messaging that resonates with them and promotes their advocacy of your brand and mission. We help you seek the situations and types of donors that will engage with you again and again, and the ones that can easily become the best advocates. It is our goal to shine the light on your expertise and help you to become known for the causes and issues you support and how they create the world your donors want to achieve.

Step 2: Branding

Your brand must be relatable, memorable and must convey your values, instill compassion and long term support. This is a design challenge that we are able to meet for our non-profit clients.

Step 3: Website Strategy

Developing a website that is attractive, engaging and that convert visitors to donors. This includes creating designated areas for keyword topics and to solidify your ability to achieve your mission. We often recommend specific pages grouped according to the different ways to contribute and support your mission as well as the individuals and communities you work with.

These pages then are used as landing pages for social posts, ads or for targeting ranking on search engines. When someone is interested in a topic or are searching specific key terms, they don’t go to your home page. Google and other search engines send them to a page that tells them about the specific topic or service they want to know more about. These pages are designed for conversion.

Step 4: Strategy

Now that you have identified your target donors, have a solid brand and highly converting website, we create a traffic strategy across platforms.

Why Choose Hunter As Your Non-Profit Marketing Partner?

Hunter Marketing proudly provides comprehensive marketing assets and solutions for non-profits like yours. We have well developed methods and a depth of knowledge that only comes with decades of experience.

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