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Marketing Specialists for Health & Wellness Companies

Hunter Marketing offers professional associations decades of advertising experience that helps them to overcome common challenges and avoid common pitfalls. We will develop a customized, agency-level strategy that you need to achieve your goals within your budget. As a comprehensive marketing firm we offer the online and offline advertising services that compliment one another. This ensures that all your digital platforms are utilized to grow your lead base, convert leads into members, and to increase the likelihood of receiving referral business.

Where many marketing companies offering services to associations fail is where we shine. Your diverse campaign may include a stunning brand design, high-ranking website, branded social media pages and paid marketing programs on a variety of platforms in a variety of media formats.

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Your Health & Wellness Business’s Marketing Partner

Local and national health organizations, medical practitioners, and healthcare facilities face similar challenges, regardless of their mission or industry. These include sharing their successes, patient advocacy, growing their patient list, and increasing their brand recognition.

Sharing Successes
Illustrating your successes to potential patients and partners increases the value of your brand. Getting the word out regarding what makes your organization, office, or facility successful in patient care positions you as an industry leader. Providing case studies and comparisons with statistics is one way to get your point across. Creating graphics, stories and videos can make your successes more apparent to the target group you are focusing on attracting.

Patient Advocacy
Many medical offices and facilities provide user-friendly portals that offer assistance in walking patients through the process of what to expect. Digital patient intake forms are often made available along with FAQ and “how to” information on getting the best out of their experience. A patient portal is a great place to include a patient bill of rights, HIPPA compliance and documentation regarding insurance and payments.

Growing Patient Lists & Brand Recognition
Attracting patients for general checkups or specialized care needs and increasing your brand recognition begins with content on your website. This focused content then trickles into marketing materials, paid search and social media. Growth goals require targets and evaluation of those targets as goals are met. Expansion should be built into your solutions with growth in mind.

Marketing Services for Health & Wellness

Your health and wellness company is as unique at the services your provide and patients you care for. We help identify your avenues for potential growth in a way that will ensure your longevity and increase revenues. By helping health and wellness companies like yours grow their brand awareness and connect patients with facilities and providers they need you will reach new audiences which accelerate your success and growth.

The services most commonly used by our Health and Wellness clients include: SEO, Web Design, Case Study Content, Paid Ads Management, Social Media Development & Advertising, and Reputation Management. The activities we perform within each of these services are considered best in breed, showcasing your office, clinic, or facility as the right choice to your target audience.

Step 1: Find Your Target Audience

We work with you to identify the best patients and brand partners. We help you seek the situations and types of patients that will engage with you again and again, and the ones that can easily become the best advocates for your company or brand. It is our goal to shine the light on your expertise and benefits for patients and partners. This allows you to become known for the way your company connects and cares for the patients it serves.

Step 2: Branding

Your brand must be relatable, memorable and must convey your values, instill compassion, and easily engage long term support. This is a design challenge that we are able to meet for our health and wellness clients. It is also the first step in which you align yourself with your mission.

Step 3: Website Strategy

Developing a website that is attractive, engaging and that convert visitors to patients and physicians. We complete this by employing a flexible strategy that works. This includes creating designated areas for patient portals, benefits, clinic and physician information, and services provided. We often create custom sections of your site to group topics in a way that is easy for site visitors to review.

These pages then are used as landing pages for social posts, ads or for targeting ranking on search engines. When someone is interested in a topic or are searching specific key terms, they don’t go to your home page. Google and other search engines send them to a page that tells them about the specific topic or service they want to know more about. These pages are designed for conversion.

  • Patient Portal – Providing intake forms and patient advocacy information in one place. Patient bill of rights, HIPPA Compliance, and intake forms should be readily available reducing patient wait times and allowing patients more freedom.
  • Services – Detail the procedures, specialties, and generalized medical services provided by your brand. This is a great place to include the technology and innovation that you have incorporated in your programs to provide state-of-the-art care to patients.
  • Physician Bios – Allow patients to learn more about the physicians in your practice, clinic, or system. Call our individual providers and their expertise, training, and skills or group them by specialty. The emphasis is on the quality care each professional provides patients.

Step 4: Strategy

Now that you have identified your target patients, have a solid brand and highly converting website, we create a strategy for ads and/or social media with the goal of engaging with potential patients and partners across platforms.

Why Choose Hunter As Your Health and Wellness Marketing Partner?

Hunter Marketing provides first-rate, comprehensive marketing assets and solutions for health and wellness companies like yours. We have well developed methods and a depth of knowledge that only comes with decades of experience. We continually work to adopt new platforms and to keep up with changes to ensure that you receive the best value possible. In the end we educate our clients to dissect reports and understand their true cost of acquiring and maintaining patients, something you just don’t see with other firms.

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