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For 20 years, Horizon Print Systems has been helping clients with all of their print and branded merchandise.  They are expert in their fields, as demonstrated by an impressive set of case studies and work samples.

Print Efficiency Solutions

We wanted to help Horizon show off their many services.  We worked together to develop the Solutions area of their site.  This is a category driven section that lets users choose a part of their business.  The site then shows solutions that apply to that area of business.  From promotional giveaways to custom forms to signage, the Solutions area helps show the full breadth of Horizon’s capabilities.

Our Work

Our first version of this site was made 10 years ago. In 2022, we created a new version of the site based on the older site’s design. This new site is much more expansive and includes:

  • What We Do – articles on Horizon’s services
  • Who We Help – a section with articles showing the industries that Horizon helps.
  • Solutions – an area showing specific products and services organized by the department of the company – warehouse, accounting, sales, etc.

Project Gallery