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Inspired by Claire Jane U.K., or ICJUK as typically say, is the online home of Claire Jane.  Claire is a designer with a background in film production.  Today, she produces rock-n-roll shirts, bathing suits, shoes and more.  Her designs that are worn by a good number of rock stars, including Joe Eliott of Def Leppard.  She also hand makes original designs like her feathered handbags that combine ethically farmed peacock feathers with antique clasps.

Shop by Design


Celebrity Page

We created an area to show who is wearing Claire’s products.  Here, we show famous and notable people in her designs as well as where to buy them.

Full eCommerce Solution

There are over 150 products on this site.  For most, the site lets the user select size, color and optional extras like hand stitching Swarovski crystals onto the purchase.   Claire uses online coupons to promote specials.  And the site maintains inventory for her products.

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